Latin America Indigenous Funders Conference

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Buen Vivir: Supporting the Role of Indigenous Peoples in Bio-Cultural Diversity, Human Rights and Sustainable Economic Models.

The Latin America Indigenous Funders Conference will be a unique event that will bring leaders from the Indigenous, donor, and corporate worlds to the same table. Based on IFIP’s experience organizing other international events, we anticipate that this conference will result directly in the building of new networks and funding mechanisms for Latin America. Following recent IFIP events in Asia, Canada and, most recently in New York, donors were inspired to create entirely new regional funds for Indigenous peoples. In each case, those responsible for creating these new funding mechanisms noted the important role of the IFIP convening in providing the impetus for funders who had been working separately on similar issues in a given region to join forces and work together. Only IFIP creates such crucial face-to-face meetings between Indigenous and philanthropic leaders that result in new support and innovative projects.

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