Call for panels – International Conference Activisms in Africa

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In a rapidly changing continent in which the states often act insufficiently to meet the needs of their populations, the association of civil society movements are critically important. African governors act like despotic rulers, usually abusing of concentration of power, using violence as an instrument of social control and denying fundamental rights for their citizens and persons under their jurisdiction.

In such adverse situation, social activism movements act as demanding movements and so as a resistance to the state action. Acting in different fields, these movements play a crucial role to ensure recognition of fundamental rights enshrined into national constitutions.

These movements have an extensive activity: defending social minorities, claiming for decent work conditions, pursuing recognition for political minorities or marginalized groups, the civil society activisms occupy an increasingly relevant space on the African political scene.

Organized in non-traditional ways, they use new technologies – specially the social networks and mobile communications – to reach larger amounts of public with their actions. Playing a role of resistance, but also transformation, in permanent shifting.

Proposals for panels should consist in:

  • A panel title
  • Two abstracts: a short abstract up to 330 characters with spaces and a second one up to 1650 characters with spaces.
  • Preferably, the panel proposal should include a discussant and a chair
  • Proposals should be submit by April 30th 2016.>

The panels proposed should be related to one of themes that follows:

  • Human Rights Activism
  • Activism and Citizenship Exercise
  • Environmental Activism
  • Gender and LGBTI Activism
  • Activism and Peasant Movement
  • Activism in Health


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