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Founded in 2016, KOIZ is a free digital platform whose main purpose is the creation of a space for the production, exchange and dissemination of Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, through collaborative work and its articulation with other Basque and international academic and professional institutions. Despite having emerged from different academic traditions, we consider that post- and de- colonial perspectives share the same critical view on the past and present colonial condition. Therefore, we believe that it is possible to collaborate from both theoretical positions in decolonization projects and in the creation of alternatives to the different contemporary transnational realities.

Today, more pressing than ever, an epistemic and intellectual reordering is necessary; one capable of creating new theoretical and research production about the culturally different Other. The artistic expression and knowledge creation about the post- and de- colonial condition is a social fact in and of itself that has created and creates realities with significant social and political consequences. Sites of interpretation, exchange, self-representation and debate are necessary at a time when modernity illnesses have tended to become chronic. The history of colonialism continues to be entangled in the weave and plot of the present, thus, the urgency for decolonization projects for building dialogic bridges between culturally different Others that work towards achieving transnational justice. This is one of the reasons why we have created a collaborative network among social movements, researchers, professionals, students and critical institutions who are working in this theoretical field and/or seeking to develop alternative politics.

This interactive platform, available to users, allows us to exchange and use digital data, have informational courses and artistic exhibitions, disseminate applied projects related to Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, as well as other related resources. Likewise, we have created KOIZ&U, a tool through which the association’s members can access an internal communication space from their own profile and in which they can exchange information with other member individuals or groups, participate in thematic discussion forum or initiate one, publish projects, and share documents or bibliographies; all in a fluid, dynamic and direct way. The section News and Events is for announcing conferences, congresses, exhibitions, courses, etc. All of this happens in an interactive and collaborative space related to Postcolonial Studies.

To better organize and manage information, we have divided the space in six areas: THEORY, ECONOMY, WOMEN’S STUDIES, ART and LITERATURE, INDIGENOUS ISSUES and ENVIRONMENT all of which are open to the interdisciplinary work that characterizes this type of projects and research. Besides helping us in managing information, our aim with this segmentation by areas is to situate these themes at the centre of the debate, addressing them then from different academic perspectives and cultural gazes. The platforms’ flexibility will allow us to add new areas of work, when necessary, and which could emerge from the interactions among the association’s members and their collaborative work

If you wish to receive any further information about the association, please contact us.

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